Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trust me, they are not to be trusted.

Random list of people I don’t trust and you shouldn’t either:
1. People with mullets with no facial hair
2. Security guards with only a flashlight as a weapon

3. Guys that drink the ‘other flavors’ of Mountain Dew
4. People that don’t find me funny
5. People that find me really funny
6. Guys that wear ties and short sleeved dress shirts
7. Clowns and people that dress up in costumes at Disney. What are they hiding?
8. People that walk their dogs without a leash
9. The Birthday boy or girl – Have not heard the old excuse? “What? I can bring a prostitute back to the dorm, it’s my birthday.”
10. Ryan Peter Miller


  1. I guess you don't trust me. I'm not telling you in which category I fit, however I'll give you a hint. My first name is not Ryan.


  2. could you tell me where u got this picture???????????