Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Crap

I was at Whole foods grabbing a bite to eat when I noticed a very attractive women walk by and go into the bathroom. Nothing of note besides her attractiveness. Now before you get all worked up let me just state this for the record, I love my wife. Just because I made a promise to her to love and care and blah blah blah for her doesn’t mean that suddenly other women cease to be attractive. I certainly would expect my wife to see a shirtless washboard abs flexing Brad Pitt and think ‘icky, he looks nothing like my husband’. Hell I just got a little excited thinking about him, the man is hot.
Back to my slice of pizza. At this point I had pretty much finished the second slice and realized I never saw little hottie come back by, someone must be doing some work. It wasn’t exactly the picture I wanted in my head of Suzie sweet cheeks, but no big deal. Finally after a few more minutes she emerged from the bathroom and boy was she happy. With pep in her step a smile on her face and a fresh dab of lipstick and she was ready to take on the world. Now I was disgusted. I mean I have taken some satisfying craps before but this must have been orgasmic. Her joy churned my stomach. Then came the trailing waft of perfume that followed her from the bathroom. Never have rose petals smelled so horrible.

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