Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm the jerk

You know that guy that comes up to you at the gas station and says ‘hey, I was hoping you could help me out our car broke down’? The story continues something about kids and needing a few dollars to get back home. Well ‘that guy’ found me in CVS, too bad for him I was in a shit mood.
Man – Hey man can you help me out? My wife is in the car and our tire blew out.
Me – Oh no that’s horrible, aren’t tires the worst!? I would love to help, what is your wife’s name?
Man – uh, Sara.
Me – I’ll tell you what, let me check out so I can get some cash back so I can help you guys. I am actually about to get a drink too, so I will grab you a couple of sodas and maybe a snack for your drive home. So just go wait outside and I will be there in a second.
Man – Screw you jerk.
Me – Ain’t that the truth.
Now I know you are thinking there is a chance that their car was actually broken down, but have no fear I saw them drive off in a brand new Honda Civic not moments later. I waved. He gave me the bird.